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10,99 EUR*
Details Spiritual Arts: Mastering the Disciplines for a Rich Spiritual Life

I like to think of the work of The Holy Spirit in the lives of men and women as art. Spiritual life is not just a gift; it is a skill we must work to develop. Using Paul s letter to the Philippians as her guide, Bible teacher Jill Briscoe uncovers ...

23,61 EUR*
Details Creating Change: The Arts as Catalyst for Spiritual Transformation

Music, dance, drama, visual art, writing - what role do the arts play in our spiritual life? Some people believe the arts are essential to their spiritual practice because they bring moments of insight and transformation to their journey. Creating ...

10,42 EUR*
Details Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence

Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence, is a whole new way of thinking and approaching fitness. To be really fit we need to consider more than just ourselves; we need to also consider the conservation of the environment (as through ...

14,27 EUR*
Details Givingathe Sacred Art: Creating a Lifestyle of Generousity: Creating a Lifestyle of Generosity (Art of Spiritual Living)

Giving - The Sacred Art With gentleness and wisdom, this practical guide outlines the ways in which cultivating a lifestyle of generosity can be a source of personal transformation, spiritual renewal, and deep joy. Full description

17,99 EUR*
Details Writing-The Sacred Art: Beyond the Page to Spiritual Practice

Writing - The Sacred Art Push your writing through the trite and the boring to something fresh, something transformative. Full description

346,63 EUR*
Details Ganesha Spiritual Stein Statue spielen Dholak Art Skulptur 15,2 cm

Ganesha ist der Herr der Erfolg und Entferner übel und Hindernissen. Er ist auch in alle Kunst, Bildung, wissen, Weisheit und Reichtum.

61,00 EUR*
Details Feelingathome-Leinwand-Bild-Spiritual-Art-cm48x48-Kunstdruck-auf-Leinwand

Kunstdruck auf 100% Baumwolle Leinwand mit Epson Ultrachrome 9 Farben Technologie gedruckt. Die beste Leinwand und Keilrahmen fuer Kunstreproduktion um eine ausgezeichnete Druck Qualitaet und eine hoehe aestetische Wiedergabe Ihnen anzubieten. Die ...

39,99 EUR*
Details Ethnic Handmade indischen Art Wandbehang of God Ganesha mit Spiritual Om – Kupfer

Die Segnungen des Wohlstands mit nach Hause bringen durch diesen alten indischen Symbol der ewigen Spiritualität OM und Ganesha.Diese Wandbehänge sind handgefertigt von Frauen in den Dörfern der Region Gujarat in Indien. Wir geben Ausbildung zu diesen ...

11,41 EUR*
Details The Art of War, Experiencing Victory Aganist Your Spiritual Adversary

"And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." Revelation 12:17 Satan, the enemy of the church has waged war on every believer ...

19,26 EUR*
Details Knowings: In the Arts of Metaphysics, Cosmology, and the Spiritual Path

Knowings As the poet T.S. Eliot said, 'Where is the wisdom lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge lost in information?' Our postmodern 'information culture' forces us to be over-cerebral, but it doesn't teach us to think; consequently it becomes ...

13,39 EUR*
Details The Art of Spiritual War: An Inside Look At The Enemy's Battle Plan

Bestselling author Andrew Farley takes readers on an imaginative journey through the enemy's plan of attack. This creative, modern-day parable exposes evangelical readers to the reality of the supernatural and equips them to do battle against the ...

17,92 EUR*
Details The Art of Holy Pondering: Hearing the Gentle Whisper

A deceptively simple read, The Art of Holy Pondering is embedded with insightful nuggets of spiritual truths. Delivered in clear language and citing common life experiences, the author speaks both to those beginning the spiritual quest and to seasoned ...

15,99 EUR*
Details The Japanese Art of Reiki: A Practical Guide to Self-healing

Reiki techniques originated in Japan, in an intensely spiritual period of that country's history. This fully illustrated book traces the system's evolution from a spiritual self-development system to a direct hands-on practice. The journey moves from ...

13,63 EUR*
Details The Sphere of Art

The Sphere of Art "The Sphere of Art" is a direct method of magical transformation handed down through both an inner spiritual and outer historical lineage of teaching and practice. Full description

17,60 EUR*
Details Extending Practical Medicine: Fundamental Principles Based on the Science of the Spirit

Extending Practical Medicine In this classic introductory work on spiritual medicine, Rudolf Steiner worked in unique literary, collaboration with the physician Ita Wegman. Their aim was to revitalize the art of healing through spiritual knowledge ...

19,34 EUR*
Details The Sphere of Art Vol 2

The Sphere of Art Vol 2 The second volume of "The Sphere of Art" reveals a remarkable technique of spiritual alchemy, developed from continuing practice with the Sphere of Art and the Two Sensitive Points. Each volume embodies the most advanced ...

11,57 EUR*
Details Hail Mary

DIVINE 27001; DIVINE ART - Inghilterra; Pop Spiritual

115,11 EUR*
Details Art Gemälde Factory Om 91.44 cm x 91.44 cm

Om: nach indischen spiritual sciences, god erste angelegte sound, und aus diesen Klangfrequenzen came der großen world. die gesamte Existenz sich bei dieser primal sounds mantras konzentrieren, bei denen ein, wenn desire geordnet zu kommunizieren ...

17,34 EUR*
Details Kahlil Gibran's the Prophet: and the Art of Peace

Kahlil Gibran's the Prophet The ultimate spiritual guide for the modern era, beautifully presented in a deluxe paperback edition - making a perfect gift of timeless wisdom Full description

19,00 EUR*
Details Breathe, for God's Sake!: Discourses on the Mystcial Art and Science of Breath

This book holds a treasure of deep in -sights into the great mystery of breathfrom a spiritual perspective. Inspiringdis courses, eVective and safe practicesand beautiful poetry from various tradi -tions encourage the reader to explorethe wonder of ...

17,40 EUR*
Details Beadingathe Creative Spirit: Finding Your Sacred Center Through the Art of Beadwork

Beading - The Creative Spirit Invites readers on a spiritual pilgrimage into the kaleidoscope world of glass and color. Believing that beading is a form of meditation through which we can access the Creative Spirit that is always present in us ...

13,99 EUR*
Details The Dancing Warrior Bride!: Releasing a Generation of Prophetic Worship Warriors of All Ages Through the Arts!

The Dancing Warrior Bride! is a book on spiritual alignment for those who desire to minister in the arts. It is not for the faint or weakhearted, but for those who dare to be sharpened and challenged by the Word of God so one can operate in a "spirit ...

48,35 EUR*
Details The Museum on the Roof of the World: Art, Politics, and the Representation of Tibet (Buddhism and Modernity)

The Museum on the Roof of the World For millions of people around the world, Tibet is a domain of undisturbed tradition, the Dalai Lama a spiritual guide. This book addresses the question of who has the right to represent Tibet in museums and beyond ...

16,40 EUR*
Details The Gita Deck: Wisdom From the Bhagavad Gita

The Gita Deck The marriage of Bhagavad Gita's profound wisdom and India's premier artists culminates in The Gita Deck: Wisdom from the Bhagavad Gita. Sixty-eight jewel-like verses of spiritual understanding adorn beautiful art cards depicting India's ...